Enter the Budapest Spring Festival Chess Tournament 2017!

Dear Chessfriends!

The Budapest Chess Federation organizes the Budapest Spring Festival International Chess Tournament again, between 18-26th March 2017 in the Balna event center. With the patronage of Budapest Spring Festival, the Municipality of Budapest, the Hungarian Tourism Agency, the Szerencsejatek Zrt. and the Hungarian Chess Federation, we could make this event alluring with friendly conditions and high prizes. It means a huge natural attraction for foreign players that the tournament is organized in Budapest.

The Budapest Spring Festival Chess Tournament, according to the current state of organization, has a significance in the chess life of Budapest and Hungary as it had last time in the 1990s. We hope that in the next years we can organize stronger and stronger competitions, so in a few years we will become a flagship tournament not only in Hungary, but in Europe too.

I wish you a successful tournament and please enjoy your stay in Budapest.
Mariusz Revesz – president of Budapest Chess Federation

Participants of the tournament

All players must have valid playing license issued by the Hungarian Chess Federation (either Hungarian license for 2017 or for foreign players, FRD for 1500 HUF). Group „A” is mainly for players above 2200 ELO rating, group „B” is for players between 1800-2199 ELO rating, and group C is for players under 1800 ELO rating only.

About the tournament

Date of tournament

Date of tournament: 18-26th March 2017

Opening ceremony: 18th March 2017 15:45 in the tournament hall

System of tournament

System: 9 rounds of Swiss system

Time rate: 90’/40 moves + 30’ for the rest of the game, with 30” bonus/move

Order of rounds: from 18th to 26th March.
Every rounds start at 16.30, except round 2 at 17.00 and round 9 at 10.00. Waiting time: 45 minutes.

Time until event start


Venue and date

Date: 18-26th March 2017

Venue: Balna Budapest

11-12 Fővám tér, Budapest 1093

About the numbers

Current headcount

~ 300 players

Prize found

4.2 million HUF

Participants from

34 countries

Patrons and partners


Municipality of Budapest

Budapest Chess Federation


Hungarian Chess Federation