International Master Tournament 
and VIII. Budapest Open

Dear Chessfriend!

The Budapest Chess Federation, in cooperation with Aranytíz House, organizes an international chess tournament in Budapest, in mid-August, for the eighth time. The main patrons of this tournament are the Municipality of Budapest and the City Council of the V. District. It’s starting to be a tradition that one of Hungary’s strongest grand master tournaments, and the attached side events attract the interested chess friends to the excellent Aranytíz House, next to the river Danube. I hope that we can guarantee a high standard entertainment this year as well, and this tournament will be at least as strong as the previous editions.

Budapest always had great chess traditions. It is here where the first Hungarian chess circle formed, first time unofficially led be Vince Grimm in 1839, and later, in 1864 officially, led by Ferenc Erkel, our nation’s great composer. The Hungarian Chess Federation was founded in Budapest too, first time in 1911, and after the First World War, also in 1921. So many great chess players from Budapest represented Hungary in different chess events and Olympiads, from them Géza Maróczy, László Szabó, Gedeon Barcza are excelling, or Judit Polgár, who was the top one woman chess player for over 25 years now, or former woman world champion Zsuzsa Polgár.

This chess tournament series, whose main patron is István Tarlós, Lord Mayor of Budapest, is not just an international chess tournament, it is also an important part of the cultural life of Budapest, and apart from the Hungarian chess players, we expect to see foreign players from all over the world, to bring good fame of Budapest everywhere.

Máriusz Révész - President of Budapest Chess Foundation

The tournament

Date of tournament: 17-26th August 2018

Opening ceremony: Friday, 17 August from 14:45 in Theatre Room

Place of tournament: Aranytíz House of Culture, 1051 Budapest, Arany János str. 10.

Main Patron: István Tarlós, Lord Mayor of Budapest

Máriusz Révész, Government Commissioner for Cycling and Active Recreation, president of BCF
Péter Szentgyörgyvölgyi, Mayor of V. district of Budapest

Organizers: Budapest Chess Federation

Chief Arbiter: IA Gyula Fehér

Participants: Players with valid Hungarian playing license or foreign license. Foreign license costs 1500 HUF and lasts 365 days. In open group “A” at least 1600 FIDE Elo required, group“B” is for players under 1700 FIDE Elo. For the RR tournaments, players should consult with IO Zsolt Korpics.

Order of rounds: From 17th Friday to 26th Sunday. Free Day: 20th (Monday). Every round starts at 15:00 except for the last when game starts at 10:00. Forfeit time: 45 minutes.

Organization system: The GM and IM tournaments: 9 rounds of round-robin. In the open tournaments: 9 rounds of Swiss. Pairing program: SwissManager.

Time control: 90’/40 moves + 30’ for the rest of the game, with 30” bonus/move.

Tie breaks: Master tournaments: 1. result against each other 2. Sonneborn-Berger 
Open groups: 1. Buchholz, 2. progressive, 3. result against each other, 4. Sonneborn-Berger

Prizes: In all groups, winners get cup, 1-3th place players medals. The prize fund of Opens A and B together is 270.000 HUF.

Application: bpchesstournament@gmail.com

About the tournament

Date of tournament

Date of tournament: 18-27th August 2017

Opening ceremony: Friday, 18 August from 14:45 in Theatre Room

System of tournament

System: 9 rounds of Swiss system

Time rate: 90’/40 moves + 30’ for the rest of the game, with 30” bonus/move

Order of rounds: from 17th to 26th March.
Every rounds start at 16.30, except round 2 at 17.00 and round 9 at 10.00. Waiting time: 45 minutes.

Time until event start:


Venue and date

Date: 17-26th August 2018

Venue: Aranytíz House of Culture

1051 Budapest, Arany János str. 10.

About the numbers

Current headcount

~ 50 players

Prize found

270 e HUF

Participants from

15 countries

Patrons and partners

Budapesti Sakk




Budapest Főváros